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Title: Current Server Features
Post by: Rhizo on March 16, 2017, 11:45:19 PM
We have made many changes in YmirRO since the day it started. These changes are temporary and may be removed in the future. But if the feedback is good, we might make it permanent.

Here are the changes:

- Server Exp Rates is currently on 20x/20x Exp/Job
- Added Warper NPC -  With Town, Fields and Dungeon Maps. Removed MVP and some Mini-boss Field and Dungeon Levels. Removed some quests maps such as Rachel Sanctuary, Moscovia Dungeon, Thanatos, Kiel Dungeon etc.
- Added Reset Stat NPC - It includes Free One Time Reset Stat to every character. After you have used your one time reset, the succeeding stat reset would require Premium Reset Stone (http://imgs.ratemyserver.net/items/small/6320.gif) only available in Donation Shop NPC.
- Added PVP Warper NPC.
- Added Stylist NPC.
- Added Healer NPC with Increase AGI and Blessing.
- Added Memo to glast_01(Glast Heim) and mosk_dun01(Moscovia Dungeon).