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Game Updates 05-16-2017
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:28:58 PM »
Game Updates:
- Added Sunglasses[1] and Glasses[1] to Hourly Points Shop and Vote Points Shop.
- Added Halter Lead 7 Day Box( A box that contains Boarding Halter(Mount for every class) only for 7 Days)
- Added Boarding Halter to Donation Usable&ETC NPC
- Added Gunslinger Shop NPC at Brasilis
- Base Cost of Card Remover reduced from 2,000,000Zeny to 1,000,000Zeny.
- You can now have Platinum Skills automatically whenever you change your job in the Job Changer NPC.
- Ice Pick
  • 's drop rate from Lord of Death and RSX 0806 increased from 0.10% to 0.50% and Ice Pick [1]'s drop rate from RSX 0806 increased from 0.01% to 0.05%.

- Alcohol and Karvodailnirol's drop rate reduced from 50% to it's original drop rate.
Karvodailnirol's Drop rate * the server Drop rate:
(i.e. Remover monster drop 1% chance or Karvodailnirol and the server's drop rate is at x5 so 1% * 5 = 5%)
Alcohol's Drop rate:
- Headgear and Costume Restrictions for Monk/Champion Class due to the unsolvable crash issue.
Here are the following that Monk and Champ can't use:
Costume Aura Vicious Mind
Costume Vicious Mind Aura Crimson
Costume Angel Marcher Hat
Costume Yellow Brain Hat
Costume saLUsalo Hat
Costume Shiny Small Star
MVP Basketball Hat [1]
Costume Charleston Antenna
Costume Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc
Costume There is Something
Costume Analyze Eye
Costume Black Ramen Hat
Costume Sleep Eclipse Family
Costume Orange Halloween Hat
Costume Ljosalfar
See the list below..